Find a Healthier Workplace Through Our Corporate Wellness Retreats

Stress exists in everyone’s lives, and when that stress carries over into the workplace, it can make for a negative and unhealthy atmosphere. At the Mindfulness Matters Institute, we want to help you, as either a business owner or employee, find that balance and peace that allows you to achieve more and work free of stress and anxiety. Situations at work can often add to stress, but with our corporate wellness retreats, everyone that’s a part of your company or business can learn better communication strategies and stress-coping skills.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) blends meditation, gentle yoga, body awareness, and open dialogue between participants. It can be practiced on one’s own, but during our corporate wellness retreats, you will work within a group to develop better connections with your co-workers and how you can collectively overcome stressful and negative situations. The retreat offers an open and safe environment where you can reconnect with yourself, with others, and become more aware of the people around you, their needs, and how your needs fit within that context.

Many large corporations have instituted MBSR instruction into their company environment, and the teachers at the Mindfulness Matters Institute would love to be able to provide instruction and guidance to your business. MBSR can help diffuse volatile situations and promote positive situations, where employees, managers, and owners feel that they are part of a whole, not individual pieces trying to fit into a puzzle. Contact us for more information on our retreats, and we will look forward to hearing from you.

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