Frisco, Colorado: Free Mindfulness Meditation & Movement

You have been hearing more and more about mindfulness but you aren’t quite ready to make the commitment or investment in an 8-week MBSR class. 60 minutes, NPR, Time Magazine – to name a few sources, are touting the benefits of MBSR. What is MBSR? Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction  is an 8-week course focused on learning to live in the present moment with compassion towards self and others. This course requires a time commitment of 2.5 hours a week along with 30-60 minutes of home practice per day. Yikes! You say, ‘how can I find more time in my day when I am already stretched to the max?’  Perhaps, think about how you spend your day by considering the following questions; (1) How much of the day do you spend worrying about your past or thinking/planning for your future?  (2) How many times during the day do you realize, that in conversation, you don’t know what the other person is saying because you drifted off? (3) When you do find moments of quiet – do you fill this time? And if so, what do you fill it with? (4) Do you find yourself worrying about your health, your relationships, your life in general?  MBSR is not a quick fix to life’s woes and challenges. Instead, it is a commitment to living life more fully, more richly…one moment at a time.

Whether you live in Colorado or elsewhere, consider registering for an MBSR class today. If you live near Frisco, Colorado please consider learning more about mindfulness practices by registering today for an MBSR class or join us on Wednesdays for free Mindfulness Meditation & Movement classes held weekly from 12:00-1:00 pm at Elevate Cospace , 711 Granite Street, Frisco, CO. Except for the 2nd Wednesday of each month, which is an opportunity to learn more about MBSR.

Whether you practice with a group or on your own, the invitation is to join the thousands, nationally and internationally, who are learning to live each day more mindfully.

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  1. Betsy Ross Krieg

    Kim – I am John and Vicki’s neighbor and met you at their house. You sent me info on mindfulness matters – but somehow I lost it. Can you please contact me as I am very interested in your series – but will be out of town from Oct 5-15. Thank you! Betsy Ross Krieg 314-799-6035