MBSR Classes Can Reshape the Way You Think – Part I

With the ability to be aware without judgement, you can finally open doors once closed forever to your mind. This may seem vague to someone who has not yet experienced the healing benefits of mindfulness, but for those who have, its effects are far beyond what words can describe. To give you a better understanding of just what MBSR classes work to do, research has been performed by psychologists and scientists to quantify the impressive empirical consequences of meditation-based stress reduction. This is what they have found:

  • Healing rumination, stress and depression at the source. Known as a condition where one is unable to focus on much apart from the symptoms and causes of stress or depression, rumination is a vicious cycle where its victim soon finds he is unable to rise above the sinking feeling that everything in his life is going wrong. While sufferers may not see they are drowning, mindfulness gives them the ability to rise above, acting as their own life raft. This same ability is given so they know how to properly fight off depression and reanalyze stressful situations.
  • Improving memory and focus. Due to the practiced methodology of singling out one focus while blocking out the stressful world, mindfulness naturally increases the brain’s ability to focus, both during and after meditation. Improved memory almost always accompanies reduced stress, and in the case of MBSR, it is fine tuned even further.

These are just a couple of the amazing benefits that we have seen MBSR classes bring to people in the western world. Find out how you can be a part of this today and come back next time to find out more of the ways that MBSR can help you.

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