Often our minds can have a mind of their own and create more chaos than calm. I provide guidance and counseling to individuals struggling with stress, anxiety and worry. I have been a licensed clinical social worker for over 30 years and have worked with teens, young adults, aging adults, and families. I believe in helping individuals find calm within the chaos; knowing that chaos is often of our own creation. I help to re-channel the critical mind, ruminations, and worry in order to persevere through the activating events. And, I help individuals to tune into mind-body connections in order to respond mindfully, instead of reactively (knee jerk reactions). Using a mindfulness-based approach, I guide individuals in strengthening their own internal resources by helping individuals to learn to live more fully in the present moment and have a greater capacity for self compassion.

In sessions, we focus on your presenting concern through a mindfulness lens in learning how to
(1) have a different relationship with stress, anxiety, and worry,
(2) decrease suffering,
(3) increase self compassion,
(3) increase overall well-being, and
(4) decrease tension and distractions.

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