Moments of Peace & Serenity through Mindfulness Practice

The concept of mindfulness conjures of images of a person who exemplifies peace and serenity. “Oh how perfect their life must be.” Perhaps, critics of mindfulness are on to the realization that “mindfulness” in our idealized image is too far reaching and unattainable. Often the idealized notion of mindfulness is living life perfectly. For me, mindfulness is a practice that is more realistic and forgiving, of myself and others. For instance, when I don’t exercise as planned, when I don’t eat healthy, when I snap at my partner, watch mindless TV, or has a glass of wine, one could argue that I am not living mindfully. How do I know this – because, this was my initial conversation with myself. This internal dialogue has softened through my daily informal and formal mindfulness practice. I replace the critical voice with the compassionate voice. Instead of “I should live my life this way …. (fill in the blank)” I embrace what is going on in the moment. Through mindful practice I take time to notice thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. The internal dialogue is then much different, more compassionate, more understanding. Mindfulness for me is a means to obtain moments of serenity and peace. It is noticing when I am tired, when I am reactive, when I am upset, when I am seeking comfort … and so many more nuances in being human. Instead of wandering aimlessly, unconsciously, I wake up and take note. I embrace all that is being human. Therefore, for me, mindfulness is an intention, a daily practice that leads to moments of peace and serenity.

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