Professional Development & Training

Mindfulness has benefited numerous employees, managers, and executives whose companies have implemented mindfulness-based practices and training’s. General Mills, Aetna, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Target are among the companies that provide mindfulness training for their employees. Many other companies are noting and considering this trend.

Why? According to the World Health Organization, stress and mental health issues cost American corporations $300 billon dollars annually. Stress and related difficulties, including anxiety and depression, account for one-half of the amount – $150 billon. Empirically-based research documents the benefits of mindfulness. The cost savings is but one of the many benefits for corporations to emphasize and support the health and well-being of their employees, management, and executives.

The worthwhile business goals of “doing more with less” and pushing for excellence are also the reason for much workplace stress. Our retreats provide an opportunity for decompressing and reconnecting with fellow employees. The mindfulness-based trainings during corporate retreats provide an avenue for reflecting, fostering awareness, and reconnecting with self and others.

Education and training’s are designed with your corporation’s needs in mind. Training’s include a blend of meditation (geared towards the busy employee), body awareness, gentle movement, and individual/group discussions focused on stress reactivity and response, coping skills, interpersonal communications, workplace strategies, brain science, and more.

We also offer custom designed trainings on location. To provide the best on-site training experience we recommend that employees, managers, and executives (grouped separately) receive minimally 6 hours of mindfulness-based training over a 1-2 day period with the option of 30 hours maximum over a 5-day period. Individualized trainings are developed based on corporate needs and can vary in length and time.

Prices vary depending on corporate needs, length of training, and number of participants.

Professional Development Feedback

“The training was above our objectives. It was great and everyone loved it. The overall presentation was perfect. The length and format especially for the group was spot on. We had people saying they wanted to do it again once it was complete.” K.C. (Software Company)

“Thank you so much for you wonderful presentation at the Caregiver Conference! We had a ton of positive feedback. Mindfulness is a topic for everyone, but the direct correlation between it and caregivers was evident.” Northwest Colorado Caregiver Conference Committee


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