Who am I…if I am not multitasking?

Who am I … if I am not multitasking? If I am not planning, juggling, impressing, entertaining, or doing? If I am not scheduling, or running from one meeting to the next? Who am I?

Multitasking is “the handling of more than one task as the same time by a single person.” We live in a frenetic culture where we see people multitasking all the time. There is a belief that handling more than one task at a time is doable, especially, in the workplace. However, Cliff Nass (Stanford University) found in his research that multitaskers are often unable to stay focused and on task. And Drake Baer (www.fastcompany.com) wrote, multitasking “actually make us worse at our jobs.”


An invitation to take a mindful moment…

When we have the opportunity to be, just be in the world without doing, those moments when nothing is scheduled, we have nowhere to be, we have time. Just notice those moments and notice the thoughts that emerge, the feelings that surface, or perhaps the bodily sensations that activate. What are these sensations telling you? Listen to what your body and mind are saying. For some this may activate feelings of aloneness, grief, and panic. For others there may be a welcome feeling of peace. Just notice today what you do with your moments of space. Do you fill it? If so, just notice. Or do you embrace it as an opportunity to be still?

“When we spend some time each day in non-doing, resting in awareness, observing the flow of the breath and the activity of our mind and body without getting caught in the activity, we are cultivating calmness and mindfulness” (Jon Kabat Zinn, 2013, Full Catastrophe, p. 67)


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